Prayer and Support

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request, we'd like to support before God and see if God might be leading us a certain way about how an answer might be developing.

Email us at and please indicate "Prayer request" in the subject line and whichever of the following information is relevant for sharing your request and following up on it:

  • Pastor (please only share with the pastor)
  • Prayer Team (can share with the pastor and other members specifically involved in prayer ministry)
  • Bulletin (can mention my name in the prayer list in our bulletin)


  • No Contact (please do not contact me back about this request)
  • Please Reply (I would appreciate someone following up with me about my request)

Grace and peace, God is with you.

Assistance Ministry

If you or someone you know are going through a tough time, we want to help to the best of our capacity. We have a special (though limited) fund specifically to help with requests for those types of circumstances, and/or we can help connect you to partner organizations that serve your area of need.

Contact Pastor Robb at, 614-417-2168 (office), or 614-383-9783 (cell). He or one of our trained staff or volunteers will follow up with you soon to talk more about your situation and discuss in what ways the church and/or one of its partners will be able to help. (You'll be asked to fill out the application below during this process. You can also fill it out and mail it to 470 Havens Corners Rd. Gahanna, OH 43230 or attach it to an email if you'd like.)

We know asking for help is hard, and persevering through difficult times is even harder, but please do feel free to ask for assistance. We believe in a God who hears, sees, and moves, and we’ll always do what we can with our resources and be honest with what we can and can’t do.

February 20, 2020