Building Partners

Building Availability & Partnerships

We are grateful to have a building as a resource for our church - and strive to utilize that resource with the same vision and ethos we use other resources we have: to connect and partner with others in the community, to make meaningful, transformative experiences possible, and to empower ministry that offers new life and identity to those we come in contact with. The events that we facilitate or that our building partners facilitate can accomplish those goals, as can the resources that come in from building usage that enable other ministries of the church.

We are able to make our fellowship hall, meeting rooms, classrooms, sanctuary, and parking lot and grounds available for a variety of uses upon request. Contact our office at or 614-471-2168 to find out about available days and times and begin the process of making a reservation. We generally reserve events in morning, afternoon, and evening blocks and rates range from $15-50 per room per block depending on the day of the week, size of the room, and nature of the group or event being reserved (some groups would be eligible for no fee).

There are lots of different ways our building can help us connect with you or a group or person you know in the community. It might make sense to have a one off event with a nice, honest transaction and we hope God's best for you on your way. We also really love relationships and partnering for creative, community-transforming opportunities, too, though - especially with folks that might be finding the right outlet difficult to find. If you're looking for a supportive space or have an idea for an organizational partnership, we'd love to know, and we do our best to pursue and prioritize these types of relationships, too.

We hope our building and/or the people regularly making use of it for one reason or another can be a resource for your group and event sometime soon!

Building Partner Events
Grateful Creative Christian Crafters (GC3)

This crafting group was founded and is led by members of the church, but includes people in the community in lots of different ways.

The Crafters make jewelry, journals, scrapbooks, cards and gift boxes among other items. People can buy from existing stock of items that are made, order from a selection of previous designs that have been done, or even ask for a custom design. Proceeds go to support church and community ministries.

Anyone is also welcome to become a Crafter if you'd like to learn skills in any of their crafting areas, or have partners and friends to share your well-developed talents with. From September to May, the Crafters hold Scrapbooking and Crafting Retreats every third weekend of the month - all day Friday and Saturday.

For more information about participation, orders, or the retreats contact Nancy Rey or Darlene Radcliffe.


Our building has proudly hosted various scouting groups for a number of years. We currently host a BSA Girls Troop (group for girls following the traditions of the Boy Scouts of America), a BSA Boys Troop, and a Cub Scout Pack.

Our scouts have become some of our closest and most valued partners in our community ministry. Scouts regularly work in the garden, we also work together on other fundraising and service projects that benefit, the church, the troops, and the community.

We have also enjoyed celebrating an annual Scout Sunday with our troops on the second Sunday of February, which is around when Scouting was founded in the US. The scouts participate in the worship service with us and share some of their traditions and upcoming events.

If you're interested in joining either of the troops we host, contact our office at or 614-471-2168 and we'll pass on contact information for troop leaders you can talk with more.


We have Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon groups that meet at the following times during the week in our fellowship hall.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 4:30 pm AA/NA

Saturdays 11:30 am Al-Anon

Some of these groups also have NA co-participation, and some focus specifically for AA needs. For information on our groups, and others in the area, check this website, or contact our office at or 614-471-2168 and we'll answer your questions or put you in touch with current group members.

Capitol City Chorus

This men's chorus that sings barbershop and other classic American songbook style arrangements meets at our church building semi-regularly on Mondays at 1:30 pm. (And features a few of our own church choir members.)

We partner with the Chorus for one of our favorite annual events - a benefit concert for local food pantry Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN - see our Community Partners page for more info). Attendees get to enjoy a wonderful program from the Chorus and bring non-perishable food items or make a free will donation, and everything collected goes straight to GRIN for their services.

Contact our office at or 614-471-2168 for more information.

Dance Groups

Our building hosts a number of regular square and round dancing groups in the evenings throughout the week. These groups are generally geared towards experienced dancers, but do occasionally host special sessions to train and integrate beginners, or can point you in the right direction for places to get your feet under you.

Starlites/Satellites - Tuesdays 6:30-9:30 pm (Rounds II, III & IV)

Hi-Timers - 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesdays 7:00-10:00 pm (Plus/Rounds)

Buckeye A2s - 2nd & 4th Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 pm (Advanced)

Orbiting Squares - Thursdays + 1st Fridays 7:30-10:00 pm (Plus/Rounds)

Bucks and Does Singles - 4th Fridays 7:30-10:30 pm (Plus/Rounds)

For more information about any groups, contact our office at or 614-471-2168 and we'll answer questions or put you in touch with relevant group leaders.