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Holy Week 2020 Spiritual Practices

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Monday April 6 - Read and Reflect - John 12:1-11

This is the story of Jesus being anointed with perfume and Judas protesting (apparently disingenuously) because it was expensive and the money could have been used to help the poor. If we read the passage carefully, how might we make connections between honoring the sacrificial love and access to God embodied in his death and a proper missions mindset about people experiencing poverty being "among" God's people (rather than being thought of as just passively around)?

Tuesday April 7 - Read and Reflect - John 12:20-36

In this passage, Jesus anticipates his death by referencing the "Son of Man" being "glorified." Later, those he is speaking to mention their expectation about the "Messiah" and wonder who the "Son of Man" is why Jesus is referring to this person. We've seen in other recent scripture readings for Lent that this discrepancy in focus around titles was common for Jesus, and he frequently tried to shift people's understanding of his role away from expectations around figures of conquering and setting up an exclusive political kingdom to this "Son of Man" who was a little more mysterious and associated with sacrifice and service. As we see this happening again, how does that help us make meaning of Jesus' death and resurrection, and help us continue to follow Jesus faithfully today?

Wednesday April 8 - Read and Reflect - Matthew 23:13-38

This is a pretty long passage about Jesus criticizing the religious authorities of his day. The Gospels recount a lot of teachings between Palm Sunday and the Passover Last Supper later in the week where Jesus was challenging people in positions of authority and traditional assumptions about religious and social power. What do we notice in the woes that Jesus offers that we can still be prone to with our religious authority and social influence in the church today? How can we offer these tendencies and temptations to God this week so Easter can be a time of refreshed life for us where we can be prone to slip ups?

Thursday April 9 - Read and Reflect - John 13:1-17, 31b-35

Jesus takes on an especially humbling role to wash his disciples feet and give them a lesson about love and leadership as one of the last important acts before his death. What can we continue to learn from this today? What parts of our lives are we potentially, like Peter, resistant to Jesus teaching us something through his service? How can we open ourselves up to Jesus about those things instead?

Thursday April 9 - Worship and Meditate - Colors of Grace Cantata

We can't share this Maundy Thursday service together in person this year, but here is a link to enjoy a previous rendition of the beautiful and meaningful Cantata to prepare ourselves for Good Friday and Easter.

Thursday April 9 - Service and Missions - Donation Drive for GRIN Food Pantry

Join us from 7-8:30 pm driving through our church parking lot to provide resources to GRIN food pantry during this time of extra need. This is to make up for a cancelled benefit concert in March, and help us live our faith in a serving way on the night we would have had our Cantata. Bring an empty, cleaned can of food filled with cash or a check to give GRIN the resources that most help them maximize their buying power and have flexibility to respond to any need that may arise during this time.

Good Friday April 10 - Read and Reflect - John 18:1-19:42

There are so many encounters Jesus and his disciples have leading up to, during, and immediately following his execution as a revolutionary by the Roman authorities with the complicity of Jewish religious authorities. Because we are human, we have the potential to have any of those same reactions when faced with the role God may want to be playing in our lives. Let's take some time to be vulnerable and recognize how we may have had some of these types of reactions - even negative ones. What aspects of God with us unsettled us that this would be part of our reaction? How were we or are we able to release that and move forward with God's grace, love, and forgiveness? Remember how Jesus responded to those who even had the reactions we would be most ashamed of - that love and forgiveness helps us know we can safely be fully honest and open to transformation.

Sunday April 12 - Easter Worship - John 20:1-18

Keep an eye out on the church Facebook Page for details about a streaming Sunrise Meditation, a virtual Easter Egg Hunt, and special ways of celebrating our full Easter Worship online as a community.